Power Gen, Energy, & Utilities

Our pragmatic approach to modernization looks out for your bottom line.


FLANDERS provides engineered control systems, switchgear, embedded electronics, custom PLCs, transformers, electric motor repair, and field service for utility companies as well the operations that fuel them.

We can also reverse engineer and manufacture obsolete replacement parts for electric rotating equipment—and upgrade them in the process.

Coal-fired power plants

The FLANDERS engineering, repair, and field services team can maintain and significantly improve the electric motors, gearboxes, and switchgear for conveyors that move fuel to furnaces in coal-fired power plants.

Work with us to increase the reliability, control, and energy efficiency of your fan and coal handling systems by reducing operational costs when utilizing VFD control systems.

Wind power generation

Large-scale electric rotating equipment is our absolute specialty.

Our highly skilled, OSHA-certified technicians can repair or refurbish any electric power conversion or distribution system involved in utility-scale wind turbine power generation. That includes permanent-magnet, synchronous, and doubly-fed induction generators.

Hydroelectric power generation

FLANDERS serves both small- and utility-scale hydro power stations, offering plant automation upgrades, power transformers, switchgear, motors, VFDs, electrical rebuilds, field service, and more.

Partner with our experienced hydropower team to plan and execute hydroelectric plant modernizations that make the most of your existing equipment while upgrading the right components and assemblies for efficient, reliable operation.

Nuclear power plant electrical systems

Our electric power system experts can ensure your nuclear plant has the reliable power it needs for safe, long-term operation.

We’re available for front-end control panel designs, turn-key maintenance of electrical systems, or engineered retrofits for the new direct-drive, variable-speed cooling tower systems. Our repair facilities are on-call 24/7.

Control systems for power plants

Smart, practical power plant modernization

Power plant electrical and control system modernization is a big part of what we do, and FLANDERS develops solutions on all major platforms. Our smart upgrade and migration strategies minimize the risk and cost of improving the efficiency and reliability of your power plant.

supported platforms

Motor Exchange Program

Reduce your overhead costs for keeping critical spares on-hand by joining our Motor Exchange Program. We’ll keep your designated replacement motors in our own inventory, ready for ultra-fast exchanges you need them. Our motor repair experts will then refurbish the original motor to service-ready condition as your renewed spare.

Services for energy companies

Power generation and conversion specialists

Systems integration

Our power plant systems integrators can help you modernize your operation with automation upgrades, migration to new controls platforms, and integration of new technologies.

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Field services

Motor exchanges, vibration analysis, laser alignment, slip ring machining, cryogenic cleaning, onsite rewinding, generator brush rigging repair, and 24/7 troubleshooting—we offer turnkey field services for every type of power plant electrical system.

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Repair, rebuilds, upgrades

We have decades of experience repairing the motors, generators, turbines, and other electric rotating equipment used in power plants. And in the process of repairing your machines, we can also upgrade them.

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Advanced engineering

If it doesn’t exist, let’s engineer the electric power plant technology you’ve wanted. We specialize in engineering severe-duty electric rotating systems and can also engineer improved replacement parts for obsolete electric machines.

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Custom manufacturing

FLANDERS has world-class facilities for high-precision custom manufacturing of large-scale electric rotating machines, as well as components and assemblies for power generation and distribution.

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Testing & diagnostics

We have state-of-the-art capabilities in testing and tuning the largest electric motors and generators in existence—whether it’s a newly manufactured FLANDERS system or something we’re repairing for you.

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DC to AC upgrades

If you have DC equipment that would benefit from an upgrade to AC power, variable frequency drives, and AC motors to achieve higher horsepower and greater control, we have advanced capabilities in DC to AC retrofits.

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